Hamlet Solution 4 Widescreen Multifuel Stove with Flexi Liner in Pontardawe

Location: Pontardawe
Post code: SA8 4
Property Type: Detached Property
Make of Fire: Hamlet
Model: Solution 4 Widescreen
KWH Value: 5KW
Flu Type: Flexi Liner

Description of work carried out (detailed):

Fireplaces not only provide warmth but also serve as stunning focal points in our homes. 

Late last month we undertook an impressive installation project at a detached property in Pontardawe, which involved the installation of a flexi liner to the Hamlet Solution 4 Widescreen stove.

Below, we delve into the details of this remarkable project, highlighting the bespoke construction of a slate hearth and surround that elevated the entire fireplace.

The Transformation Process:

We began the project by installing a flexi liner, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety for the Hamlet Solution 4 Widescreen stove.

This step guarantees that the stove operates at its best, providing homeowners with a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

To further enhance the aesthetics of the fireplace, we constructed a bespoke slate hearth and surround. The slate material exudes elegance and adds a touch of natural beauty to the space.

The custom construction ensures a perfect fit, seamlessly blending with the room’s overall design.

The Result:

The installation project has transformed the fireplace at the detached property in Pontardawe into a captivating centerpiece.

Adding the flexi liner to the Hamlet Solution 4 Widescreen stove ensures efficient and safe operation, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the warmth and ambiance with peace of mind.

Moreover, the carefully crafted slate hearth and surround enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, providing a touch of sophistication and visual interest to the room.

The bespoke construction ensures a unique and tailored look that complements the style of the property.


This installation project in Pontardawe showcases our commitment to excellence in fireplace transformations.

We have created a visually stunning and functional fireplace by installing a flexi liner and constructing a bespoke slate hearth and surround.

This project is a testament to their skill and attention to detail, resulting in an elevated focal point that adds both warmth and style to the detached property in Pontardawe.

If you live in Pontardawe or the surrounding areas and would like more information on our log burner or multifuel stove installation services then please visit us here.

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