MI Fire Multifuel Twin Wall Installation in Port Talbot

Location: Port Talbot
Post code:SA12 6
Property Type: Semi detached/extension
Make of Fire:Mi Fire
Model: Oval pedestal
KWH Value:5KW
Flue Type: Black Mi flue twin wall Description of work carried out (detailed):

Description of work carried out (detailed):

Fireplaces are no longer just a source of warmth; they have evolved into stylish architectural elements that enhance the overall aesthetic of our homes. 

We recently completed a remarkable installation project at a semi-detached property in Port Talbot, where we installed the sleek Mi Fire Oval Pedestal with black Mi flue twin wall in a single-story extension.

In this blog post, we will explore the details of this installation, highlighting the modern elegance it brings to the home.

The Installation Process

Hopkins Log Burners embarked on the project by carefully installing the Mi Fire Oval Pedestal, a contemporary stove that combines functionality with an eye-catching design.

Its oval shape and pedestal base create a striking focal point in the single-story extension, making a bold style statement.

We used a Black Mi flue twin wall for the flue installation o ensure optimal efficiency and safety.

This twin wall system guarantees that the smoke and combustion by-products are effectively expelled from the property while preventing heat transfer to surrounding structures.

The Result

The Mi Fire Oval Pedestal installation has transformed the single-story extension at the semi-detached property in Port Talbot into a modern and elegant space.

The stove’s clean lines and unique shape add a contemporary touch to the room, instantly elevating its overall design.

The black Mi flue twin wall serves its functional purpose and enhances the installation’s visual appeal.

Its sleek and seamless appearance complements the stove, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look.


Hopkins Log Burners’ installation project in Port Talbot showcases their expertise in combining functionality with contemporary design.

The installation of the Mi Fire Oval Pedestal, along with the black Mi flue twin wall, has created a stunning centerpiece in the single-story extension.

This project is a testament to the power of modern fireplace installations, where style and functionality merge seamlessly to enhance the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the home.

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