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Nestled in the charming village of Penllegaer in the City and County of Swansea, discover how Hopkins Log Burners transformed an extension of a semi-detached property in Penllegaer, adding warmth and style with the installation of a MiFlue Ovale Multifuel Stove.

This case study sheds light on the innovative work carried out, ensuring the property owner’s satisfaction and the creation of a captivating focal point within their house extension.


  • Location: Penllegaer, Swansea, SA4 9FH
  • Property Type: Semi-Detached Residence
  • Contractor: Hopkins Log Burners
  • Project: Multifuel Stove Installation
  • Stove Make: MiFlue
  • Stove Model: Ovale
  • Heat Output: 5KW
  • Flue Type: Miflue Black TW 5″

The MiFlue Ovale 5KW Multifuel Stove Penllegaer Install

Laying and Leveling a Bespoke Slate Hearth

The first step in this multifuel stove installation was the meticulous laying and leveling of a bespoke quadrant slate hearth. This solid foundation ensured not only aesthetic appeal but also safety and functionality.

Precision Flue Installation

The heart of the installation was the careful alignment and direction of the black TW flue. Extending through the ceiling and beyond the soffit, the flue reached 2.3 meters from the roof. This strategic installation was crucial for proper ventilation and efficiency.

Sturdy Flue Bracketing and Bracing

To guarantee the stability of the flue, the team utilised black Miflue parts to expertly bracket and brace the flue- this ensured a secure and durable installation that aligned seamlessly with the property’s aesthetic.

The Completed Stove Installation

Customer Satisfaction

The results spoke for themselves. The property owner was ecstatic with the outcome of the installation. The new stove provided a substantial heat output of 5KW and elevated the atmosphere of their recently constructed extension. This new focal point became a captivating centerpiece, enhancing both the visual appeal and the comfort of the living space.

Multifuel Stove Installers Ensuring Comfort and Style

Hopkins Log Burners specialise in installing multifuel stoves that combine comfort and style. Our expertise in multifuel stove installation, including the MiFlue Ovale model with a 5KW heat output, is evident in our meticulous craftsmanship. 

This case study highlights how a well-executed stove installation can transform a living space into a cosy and stylish haven. With a focus on precision, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction, we take pride in our work, transforming properties in Penllegaer and across Swansea into cosy havens.

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