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Description of Work Carried Out (detailed):

In the picturesque setting of Llangennech near Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Hopkins Log Burners recently undertook an impressive wood burner installation project. Adding warmth and charm to a semi-detached property, the installation featured the Portway Arundel 5KW Woodburner with a 5″ Mi Flue Liner. Join us as we explore the details of this cozy transformation.

Wood Burner Installation: At-A-Glance

  • Location: Llangennech, nr Llanelli, Carmarthenshire
  • Post code: SA14 8AX
  • Property Type: Semi detached house
  • Contractors: Hopkins Log Burners specialist Wood burner, multifuel and biomass pellet stove installers
  • Project: Wood Burner Installation
  • Make of Fire: Portway
  • Model: Arundel
  • KWH Value: 5kw
  • Flu Type: 5″ Mi flue liner

Discovering the Hidden Gem

Unveiling the Original Chimney Flue At the heart of this installation project was a meticulous process of uncovering the capped-off original chimney flue. We skillfully opened up the roof, unveiling the dormant potential of the existing chimney. This step set the foundation for a seamless installation, ensuring efficient and effective heating for the homeowners.

Safeguarding with Precision

Installing the Mi Flue Liner and Accessories Ensuring safety and longevity were paramount during the installation. The team expertly dropped a new flexi liner through the chimney, complemented by the addition of a mounting plate, 1m twin-wall flue, flashing, storm collar, and anti-downdraft cowl. The meticulous sealing of the roof provided a robust and weather-resistant setup.

A Flawless Connection

Securing the Woodburner in place with the groundwork complete, we attached an adaptor to the bottom of the liner and cut and fitted a registry plate to prevent debris from entering the room. The wood burner was positioned with precision, and the vitreous pipe was securely joined and sealed to ensure a flawless connection.

Portway Arundel 5KW Woodburner with a 5″ Mi Flue Liner; Completed

Prioritising Safety

Thorough Testing and Safety Features Safety remained a top priority throughout the installation. A rigorous smoke test was conducted on the fire and flue, guaranteeing the integrity of the entire setup. Additionally, the team fitted a carbon monoxide alarm and a hearth notice plate, ensuring the utmost safety for the homeowners.

Sharing the Warmth

Assuring customer satisfaction as a final touch, we took the time to explain the basic usage of the wood burner to the customer, ensuring they were comfortable with the method of lighting and refueling. Complete customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every installation.

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